Wrap Gifts To Make Them Look Unique And Beautiful

Already bought a gift, but still confused about how to wrap a beautiful gift? Indeed, at the end of the year, there are various holidays that we can celebrate with our families, such as Christmas and New Year, which are synonymous with gift exchange.

So, of course, we have to prepare some items that need to be wrapped as souvenirs. Besides being beautiful, we must wrap gifts in the best way so that the items inside can be safe.

Don’t worry, we have some gift wrapping inspiration that can make your gift look more charming. Like what? Let’s listen!

1. Add Ribbon on Top

The first way you can try is to add a ribbon at the top. Choose a ribbon color that matches the wrapping paper to make it look more elegant and luxurious.
For example, if the wrapping paper you are using is white with golden accents, then you can choose a gold ribbon, like the following.

2. Tie Using Hemp Rope

Apart from using ribbons, you can also use hemp rope to enhance the appearance of wrapped gifts. This method can make the gift look more aesthetic, especially when using plain wrapping paper. Insert a letter at the top of the gift to make it more special.

3. Using Plain Coffee Paper

If you feel that the wrapping paper has too many motifs, you can use plain coffee paper. Tie it with hemp rope and tuck in a greeting card to make the gift look more elegant and feel special.
Here are greeting card recommendations that you can make as an additional personal touch.

4. Use Black Wrapping Paper

Feel free to wrap gifts in black wrapping paper. This color can actually make your gift look elegant and luxurious. To beautify the gift, add decoration in the form of a gold ribbon or light brown hemp rope.

5. Garnish with Dried Flowers

Apart from using ribbons, you can also attach dried flower decorations to the top of the gift. This method can make the gift look more aesthetic and contemporary. However, make sure you use plain wrapping paper so the results don’t get too crowded.
Gift wrap like this is perfect for girlfriends and could be a gift wrapping idea for the upcoming Mother’s Day. Here are dried flower ornaments that you can make sweeteners for gift wrapping.

6. Wrap like a fold of clothes

To make it look unique, you can wrap a gift by forming it like a shirt dress. Gift wrap with this model is suitable for gifts for children. They must be happy to get this gift.

7. Add Christmas decorations on it

Besides forming clothes folds, you can also wrap gifts in the shape of a snowman. Add eye and nose decorations at the top of the gift to make it look more unique. However, make sure you use white gift wrap.

8. Use Gift Boxes

To make it look beautiful, you can wrap gifts in special gift boxes. Add a ribbon on it so that the gifts you give look more charming and elegant. Here are recommendations for beautiful gift boxes that you can use.
Those are some ways to wrap gifts that can be your inspiration. So, people who receive these special gifts will feel happier.

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