I took my kids shopping, security asked me ‘where are your parents?’

When Shakira went to pick up her grocery delivery – the very last thing she expected was to have security called on her.

And no, not because she was accused of shoplifting or anything sinister – brace yourself because it’s pretty hilarious…

Just before Christmas, the young mother threw her toddler, nephew and nephew in the car and drove to Walmart when all the festive fun was kicked off.

“So I’m with the kids,” the 23-year-old, who was rocking a festive onesie for the outing, began to explain on TikTok.

“We were doing a Walmart pickup and they called security on me.

“They were like ‘Excuse me, where are your parents?’”

23-year-old mom mistaken for a child

The 23-year-old’s response was nothing short of hysterical.

Young mom

A young mom revealed the hilarious question she was asked when she went shopping with her kids.

Young mom

Shakira said “I’m the parent b–ch” when asked where her parents were.


“I’m the parent, bitch” – she exclaimed while slamming herself on the chest from the driver’s seat to the sounds of laughter from the back of her car.

“POV you’re grown but look like a child,” she wrote across her video, alongside the caption: “STG (swear to God) I NEED to gain weight, this is EMBARRASSING.”

Fellow TikTokers agreed that Shakira only looked half her age.

“You look like a 14 year old,” one said.

“You look 12!!!” another exclaimed.

“Take it as a compliment. You look fabulous,” a third praised.

“I was given a coloring book at a restaurant when I was 19”

Others shared their stories of when they were mistaken as children despite technically being adults.

“I don’t have kids yet but at 26 people still ask if an adult is home when I answer the door at my house, “one admitted.

“Dude. Security stopped me at the liquor store cos they thought I was a school kid,” another revealed.

And I’ll leave my absolute fave till lucky last.

“Been there before I’ve even been at a restaurant where they brought me colors and a coloring book. I was 19 at the time.”

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